Hailey Medd

Musician & Teacher

"The classes taught by Hailey Medd are known for being both popular and memorable. Every class taught by Hailey is not only demanding, but also provides great lessons for students to apply in their professional and personal lives."

Cellist Hailey Nicole has been a lifelong musician. Although her roots began in Plano TX, she holds the city of Weatherford close to her heart. Hailey’s love for teaching stems from her passion for music, and her dream to impact her students the way she has been impacted by her teachers.

Her experience in the field has allowed her to create a unique teaching style by combining essential technique with fun and creativity in order to form the perfect balance for every lesson to be both enjoyable and impactful. Her experience with music includes studio, classroom, and orchestral environments. Her favorite musical memory was traveling Europe on tour with her cello in 2018. As an adaptable musician and teacher, she is available to teach all orchestral stringed instruments and piano.